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Guidelines in Purchasing AA Coins.


 AA coins are usually distributed to anyone who has decided to join a group that provides support to people who are recovering from alcoholism.  The coins have a lot of weight to any recovering addict and you should not buy them without understanding their importance.  The first thing you need to consider is the color.  Do not choose colors which make you have chaos inside.  When you have a cool color, you can stare at the coin when you are most tempted to take a drink and restore your sanity.  You need to consider the material too before the purchase.  It is very important for you to buy a coin made from a great material to avoid future breakdowns.  You will not waste a lot of money in the coin purchase and you can use the age of the coin from this website to remind yourself of the distance you have traveled in the sobriety journey.


 The cost is an important factor too and you should not be forced into making a purchase by an unscrupulous seller.  There are people who will do anything just to get some coins and you should not fall into their traps when they are trying to convince you to buy the coins.  Actually, run away from anyone who wants you to make the purchase in the shortest time possible.  You need to make the purchase at your own time when you are ready and not because someone else thinks you need to.  Make sure the person you are buying the coin from is a trusted dealer especially if you have never dealt with him or her before.  You may ask your sponsor or other people who have been going to the meetings for a long time on where you can get the best coins.  You do not need a person who is going to judge you for your mistakes and that is why you need a dealer who is empathetic too.  Many people think that alcoholism is something people bring on themselves and that is why they are quick to make judgments but if you deal with an individual who knows the struggles people trying to quit drinking have to through you will be encouraged.  To give your more idea on how to purchase AA coins, check out


 You should not just rest after getting the coin but you need to use it as a source of encouragement in your journey.  It is possible to resell the coins later at very high rates to collectors after you are in a position to keep sober on your own.  Do not take chances with your coin because something that you got for help might end up offering even material gains in future if you hold something rare. You may learn more here.