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A Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous Coins


The AA coin which is an abbreviation to the Alcoholics anonymous coins, AA chips which are also referred as sobriety coins is mostly found in a culture that is manifested in the sobriety culture.


These coins are round in shape and are given to members of the Alcoholics anonymous group as tokens during their twelve-step program or other recovery programs.  These coins are used to show how long has stayed without drinking alcohol and is symbolized by the color of the coin, for example, a green coin from is for six months and a purple coin is for nine months.


Alcoholics anonymous is a group of people in a fellowship where they share their experiences about the recovery process compared to their previous lives they also share their strengths in the recovery and the reasons why they want to be sober. Hope is created to individals in the Alcoholics anonymous that they can get back to normal lives due to the program.


The history of the use of the Alcoholics anonymous coins can be traced back in 1942 used in Indianapolis, it is recorded that the sobriety groups used deferent color chips to mark he period one had stayed sober.  During 1965 where the production of this coins had increased their use was increased due to their availability.


The recovery process start instantly but can take a lifetime this made the Alcoholics anonymous coins to have relevance since one wants to maximize the time and thus having the coin from becomes a reminder that they are in a fight and should not give in since they have a price to catch. The straggle of how long an individual has been sober and fought alcoholism is commemorated using the Alcoholics anonymous coins.


The meaning of the AA coin is what really matters since the individual can control the way they consume alcohol thus moving towards being sober. wining is in the minds of every human this is the manipulation the medal creates in the minds of the addicts since they need to win the high profiled medal, this becomes very important since it helps them stay on the task of being sober. Due to the fact that the Alcoholics anonymous groups are free of Political, money, institutions and religions many people feel free to join them so that they can be liberated from addiction. For more facts and info regarding AA coins, visit


The recovery process is not easy and thus the patient should be kept highly motivated this makes it impossible to ignore the role of the Alcoholics anonymous coins it is therefore very important for this recovery groups to keep using this coins.